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aktualisiert 10 Oktober 2014

Damenbekleidung, Herrenbekleidung, Kinderbekleidung, Accessoires

Seit 1995

Herkunft Kopenhagen


“We are a fashion brand born to Copenhagen. Curiously exploring the beat of the city and welcoming people into our world and our work. We raise the bar on quality and decency – and we never do anything by halves. Dedicated to put focus on what we believe in we turn up the volume and speak our mind.”


My name is Mads Nørgaard. I am the man behind Mads Nørgaard - Copenhagen. I opened my first shop in 1986 and from the beginning I created my own designs. Back then my focus was on men’s clothing and I started designing my own, because I could not find clothes that I wanted to sell in my shop.

Since then we have gradually expanded to include collections for women and kid’s as well. To me fashion is about becoming closer to yourself. About daring to stand out and go against the flow if you feel like it. Fashion is about far more than just looking good. This is why we can say that fashion is not our purpose - fashion is the means of reaching the purpose, that is, to get closer to who you want to be.

This brand presentation is about who we want to be. I hope that it will work as inspiration and explanation to everyone outside and an abligation to all of us on the inside. It is about what we believe in and what we stand for. Seduction and emancipation, hopefully.


We create clothes for today that you can rely on - and be surprised by WOMEN, MEN & KIDS

From the beginning fashion has also been about the emancipation from the norms of previous times and being seduced by what you did not know you wanted.

We are young in spirit and prepared to go all the way. We are inspired by culutre, politics and the world around us in every way it appears. People are different, and we believe that everyone should try to be who they feel they are. We are inspired by diversity and we try to empower diversity.


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